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Leaf and Loaf, llc provides a nutritious and beautiful food experience at your location. Whether it is a birthday party, anniversary celebration, fantasy football party or girl's night In, Leaf and Loaf, llc will create a customized menu with your guest's dietary needs and your budget in mind. 


How to get started

1. Fill out the Event Questionnaire. See if Leaf and Loaf, llc is available for your event. 


2. Chef Sue will prepare a menu based on your event type, food requests and budget.


3. You sign the contract and send with a 50% retainer check to reserve the date.


4. On the day of your event, Leaf and Loaf, llc will arrive at your location with everything needed to prepare and present your delicious and beautiful edibles.


5. Leaf and Loaf will prepare, present, clean and depart. 



Hiring Sue to cater my dinner party is the best decision I've ever made! I'd never used a personal chef in my house before, and I was a little apprehensive about how everything would work. I should not have worried because Sue is the perfect partner. She easily accommodated all of the special dietary needs that my guest list presented (gluten-free, dairy-free, allium-free) and provided expert guidance on all aspects of the menu. Having Sue (and her amazing assistant Katherine) running everything in the kitchen made the evening manageable for me, but also elevated the whole evening to something really special. The food was delicious and everyone at the party raved about the meal (complete with a hilarious table-wide demand for more of Sue's drool-worthy chimichurri sauce. We ate it almost faster than Sue could bring us seconds!) I wholeheartedly recommend Leaf and Loaf and I personally can't wait to work with Sue again. 
Jill Fogarty, East Cobb
Leaf &Loaf recently catered our 50th Anniversary Party and we were so pleased! Sue worked quickly and assembled a delicious array of food for our guests. We heard compliments all afternoon about how good the food tasted. The food was displayed and arranged beautifully on the table.  Sue even gave us great suggestions about the cake and punch. She is a positive, calm person to have working in such a stressful situation.  Leaf & Loaf gets my best recommendation.
Phyllis, East Cobb

Oh goodness, Sue! Your food was so delicious!! I say was, because as of yesterday I sadly put the last of the containers (empty!) into the trash. The ice cream sandwiches were Ah-Mazing! And it is literally so hard to keep my fingers off of them!  J was just telling me yesterday how you over delivered with what we were expecting! Thank you so so much for squeezing us and our food into your very busy schedule right now! It meant the world to us (and our stomachs!). We packed up some of the food and went down to our venue and set up a picnic in the exact spot where we exchanged our vows! We then walked back down the green when we were done eating, hand in hand, exactly as we had done a year ago. That evening we actually felt like it was reminiscent of our dinner the day after wedding. You had packed up all the leftovers from the rehearsal dinner so that we had food the night before we left on our honey moon and having almost the exact same food immediately took us back to that night and all the feelings of soaking in the whole weekend. It was the perfect ending to just a really wonderful first anniversary! 

       H & J, Sandy Springs


I don’t eat out if I can help it. I have a very touchy tummy and most food causes unwanted side effects including immediate pain.  When Sue Snape catered a dinner we attended I was pleasantly surprised to have no side effects, none—NADA. I had a happy tummy and the food was delicious. (I went back for seconds)  The next day still had a happy tummy.  And no salt bloat as often happens when I eat out. I can highly recommend her catering business. It is obvious that  healthy, good tasting food is a ministry for her.  Thank you Sue for sharing your gift.     Swiss, Marietta


Sue- You did such a wonderful job for our party. Everyone was so impressed. There were so many things that you did that I loved - white serving plates, loved the presentation, very much my style, the white fabric you used over the rolls, and in other places - clean, fresh, well thought out. The menu - delicious food - the salmon  was fabulous, I loved the bean and corn salad. The pesto was great. The whipped cream for the fruit was a hit. The colors of all of it created a beautiful visual. Your style of prep in the beginning, casual, relaxed. I especially loved the way you included my grandson, very special for him, and for me too. Love your green t-shirts, white aprons and bandanas. You arrived with everything, very organized and at the end of dinner you quietly cleaned up so that there was no sign you had been there.You have met your calling. Thank you for saying yes.     Pat, East Cobb


I met Sue 10 years ago and during those years have had the opportunity to get to know her in a personal way.  I am a huge fan of Sue and her husband, Jason.  They are committed to each other and to their children.  They teach their children their values of sacrifice, hard work, dedication, respect for others, serving the community and love for family.  Sue made a huge sacrifice five years ago when she left a good-paying but unsatisfying position to go to culinary school so she could follow her dream of having a career in a field she loves.  These past five years, with the support of her family, Sue has dedicated herself to hard work and long days as a chef in a local, preparing for the time she would take on new challenges.  She has a proven record of preparing a huge variety of delicious, healthy, fresh foods that feed the eyes as well as the stomach.  With Sue’s experience, expertise, integrity and delightful personality, she is an asset to the world of culinary arts in metropolitan Atlanta.     Woodie, Holly Springs


Congratulations to Sue for this wonderful catering and "fun with food" adventure. Sue is dedicated to preparing fresh, healthy and delicious dishes that are as beautiful as they are good. Her work ethic, integrity and delightful personality provide customers with an assurance of a delightful experience with Leaf and Loaf. Ralph, Holly Springs

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