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Adult Fun with Food Parties


Would you like to have a party with a few of your friends where everyone helps prepare the meal? Each guest will have a hands-on experience and will learn all the steps of preparing from mise en place, preparation, assembling, clean up and enjoying their work!  Chef Sue will prepare a custom menu based on dietary preferences and allergies. Leaf and Loaf will provide the food and tools to prepare the meal. You provide the beverages, plates, silverware, napkins and the fun guests! 



TAPAS. We will create three different savory appetizers and one sweet.

These will all be beautiful and tasty and something you can create

for future parties! Very hands-on and fun to put together. 

THREE COURSES. This will include a soup, salad and main dish.

Your group will be divided into teams and each team will create

the course for everyone to enjoy together. We can make this

high-energy and competitive or as casual and relaxed as you would like! 


VEGETARIAN SUSHI. Each guest will create their own combinations of tiny, bite-sized edible sculptures with roasted seaweed, sticky rice, lots of colorful flavorful vegetables and sushi additions. We will talk a lot about knife skills, creating a variety of shapes, colors and flavors and how to make the sushi appealing to the eye as well as delicious to eat!


PIZZA .There will be plenty of vegetarian toppings to choose from. LOTS of toppings. And not just your “regular” toppings, these will be creative and fun toppings like capers, arugula, olives, herbed goat cheese, and there will be the traditional ones as well. We will create a variety of shapes, colors and flavors and then the pizzas are assembled, warmed in the oven and enjoyed as a group!

Timing: Two Plus Hours                                               

30 minutes set up and directions

60 minutes preparation

15 minutes kitchen clean up and table setup

30+ minutes to sit, eat, be grateful

Cost: $55 Per Guest

Guest Maximum: 8 adults in the Food Studio

Guest Min/Max in your home: 8/12

Fill out the Event Questionnaire here and we'll schedule a date!

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