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Fun with Food is available in a variety of contexts and formats

so we can have awesome experiences with anyone interested!

Listed below are overviews of our three main offerings.

To learn more, click on any of the buttons below.

Enrichment Classes

How do in-person classes work?

For in-person classes, ingredients and handouts will be provided.


How do online classes work?

All classes are Live or via ZOOM with Chef Sue!

For online classes, you will receive an emailed link to download

and print all of the handouts, activity sheets, recipes and

ingredient requests. The ingredients are usually ones that you will

have at home, but purchasing new foods to try and a few

unusual ones is encouraged.



You will purchase the food ingredients ahead of class time and provide the safe work space in your home kitchen. The safety of your child is very important and I recommend that an adult is available to your student during the class. The adult should help with setting up the work space as the student needs, but once the class begins, the adult should remain hands off and really just needs to be available for safety reasons only. 


The cost of ingredients may run from $2 to $10 each week, depending on what you already have available and how much food you would like your student to prepare. Your child may prepare a dish for the whole family to eat for lunch or dinner!


Your student will have their ingredients and supplies ready at the start of our class time. During our class we will not only talk about the food topic, but will integrate discussion about different ingredients, nutrition, math, science, art, composting, and so many other topics! 

Sample Class Format


Students set up their workspace and ingredients; Chef Sue is usually available for chit chat. 
Chef Sue introduces the lesson, talking about what ingredients everyone has, what are we making,

history of a food, food trivia, etc.
Chef Sue will demonstrate a recipe, technique, explain a new gadget...

this may be a combination of live and recorded time.
Hands on creating the recipe in the comfort of your own kitchen. Chef Sue will observe and provide feedback and helpful tips to be
safe, productive and how to have FUN with FOOD in the kitchen.
Everyone talks about what they created, struggles and challenges, what we
learned and what worked well. 

Class ends.

Students clean their workspace and share their creations with others!

Chef Sue will walk everyone through the creation of the recipe, but know that often times students will want to spend more time after our 60 minute class continuing to create. Fun with Food requires everyone to clean their work space.


Fun with Food stresses the importance of: respect for self, respect for space, and respect for others

12:45pm - 1pm

1pm - 1:10pm


1:10pm - 1:20pm


1:20pm - 1:45pm


1:45pm - 2:00pm

2:00 pm

2:00pm - 2:15pm

Birthday Parties

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designer brownies.jpg

​Enjoy your child's birthday celebration in your home or backyard!

We will create a Fun with Food Party for your birthday person!

Invite up to twelve of your friends.

Each guest will have a hands-on experience and learn all the

steps of cooking or baking from mise en place, preparation,

assembling, clean up and enjoying their work!  






      Suggested Topics



We will create three different savory appetizers and one sweet.

Chef Sue will send a questionnaire about the Birthday Person's

favorite types of foods and the menu for the party will be custom-made. 

This is the favorite!


Vegetarian Sushi

Each child will create their own combinations of tiny, bite-sized

edible sculptures with roasted seaweed, sticky rice, lots of colorful

and flavorful vegetables and sushi additions. We will talk a lot about

knife skills, creating a variety of shapes, colors and flavors and

how to make the sushi appealing to the eye.


Pizza, of course!

There will be plenty of toppings to choose from. LOTS of toppings.

And not just your “regular” toppings. We will make mini “pizzas” with

apples, shredded cheese, cream cheese, olives, raisins, craisins,

hummus, tomatoes, spinach, etc. We will talk a lot about knife skills,

creating a variety of shapes, colors and flavors and then

the pizzas are assembled and warmed in the oven. 

Length  :

Guests  :

Menu  :

1.5 hours

Up to 12 children participating

Chef Sue will prepare a custom menu based on the Birthday Person's favorites!

Corporate Programs

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heirloom tomatoes.JPG
Peaches Blackberries Basil Balsamic Feta

Lift up your employee morale, improve their health and have a stress-free hour with a FUN group event involving FOOD!


Chef Sue facilitates an energetic, plant-based, vegetarian cooking class via ZOOM while introducing nutritious and beautiful recipes. Anyone can create these recipes and eat well all week! 


Promote health, nutrition and wellness for your organization in a one hour lunch & learn. It’s easy and fun!

How does this work?

  1. Choose a date and time and schedule a class.

  2. Chef Sue creates a menu of three vegetarian salads, soups, meals, snacks, etc as well as an ingredient list. Menu and ingredient list are provided in advance so participants can gather ingredients ahead of the class. They can make one or all of the recipes during and after the class or simply observe and use the recipes at a later date. 

  3. Participants join via ZOOM. There is a LIVE demonstration class with Chef Sue including time for questions, comments, laughs and conversation. 

  4. Your employees receive simple and basic recipes that create nutritious and beautiful meals that they can eat all week. 

  5. Participants are empowered to create recipes with real food.

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“Chef Sue Snape is a great at what she does! She is kind, patient, and full of great ideas in the kitchen. She is extremely knowledgeable at her trade.


As a professional, I enjoy working with her because she is organized and her food tastes amazing. She brings new vegetarian and vegan ideas that many clients have not even thought about trying. Chef Sue brings ordinary food to extraordinary taste!“

Shayna Komar, Dietician RD LD

“Such a fun experience for our company! Chef Sue is very professional, personable and has great energy. I love that she cares not only about the food we eat, but also what happens to the food scraps, be it compost or making veggie broth!“

Mary Walters

Facilities Manager at Rubicon

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