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About Fun with Food and My Teaching Philosophy


The tips and tricks I have learned from teaching kids in person have been wrapped into hands-on experiments, tasting challenges, recipes, research and food appreciation activities. Fun with Food is more than following a recipe. We look at the journey of creating with food and not just the end product. It is about really focusing on the individual ingredients and appreciating the colors, flavors, textures, the seeds inside that will grow more food, the scent of a freshly sliced cucumber and the intense flavor experienced when you taste a juicy, ripe strawberry... with your eyes closed!

My recipes are very often guidelines without measurements. I think it is important to teach people how to create food that they will love without the restrictions of needing to have exact measurements and exact ingredients. Don’t like kale? No problem! What other leafy greens do you like that you can use instead? If you don’t have dried cherries at home what other red fruit can you use instead? 

So it turns out that while I’ve been focusing on teaching children, their parents have also been following my classes and have been requesting that I put together a program for them, too! I don’t “speak down” to children and I teach my adult classes the exact same way I teach my children’s classes. (The only difference is fire and knives!) Adults also benefit from super simple ideas, ingredients and a quick and easy recipe to put on the dinner table. 

Experience Fun with Food together! Kids will learn so many life skills that are no longer being taught in school. In Fun with Food we experiment, taste, smell, assemble, cut, cook and play with food. We learn about healthy eating habits, food appreciation, health benefits, food availability, we incorporate math+science+art, kitchen safety, sanitation and lots more! Fun with Food is always Vegetarian but you can easily add meat. Just a few of the topics we learn are basic knife skills, measuring skills, how science and food interact and relate, why math is important when cooking, how art and food correspond, healthy and nutritious eating habits and LOTS MORE!

I hope you will give this unique food experience a try and let me know what you think! I am always open to new topics, so if there is something you want to learn, send me a note and let's see what I can create for you!

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