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Lift up your employee morale, improve their health and have a stress-free hour with a FUN group event involving FOOD!  Chef Sue facilitates an energetic, plant-based, vegetarian cooking class via ZOOM while introducing nutritious and beautiful recipes. Anyone can create these recipes and eat well all week! 


Promote health, nutrition and wellness for your organization in a one hour lunch & learn. It’s easy and fun!


“Chef Sue Snape is a great at what she does! She is kind, patient, and full of great ideas in the kitchen. She is extremely knowledgeable at her trade.


As a professional, I enjoy working with her because she is organized and her food tastes amazing. She brings new vegetarian and vegan ideas that many clients have not even thought about trying. Chef Sue brings ordinary food to extraordinary taste! “

Shayna Komar, Dietician RD LD


  1. Choose a date and time and schedule a class.

  2. Chef Sue creates a menu of three vegetarian salads, soups, meals, snacks, etc as well as an ingredient list. Menu and ingredient list are provided in advance so participants can gather ingredients ahead of the class. They can make one or all of the recipes during and after the class or simply observe and use the recipes at a later date. 

  3. Participants join via ZOOM. There is a LIVE demonstration class with Chef Sue including time for questions, comments, laughs and conversation. 

  4. Your employees receive simple and basic recipes that create nutritious and beautiful meals that they can eat all week. 

  5. Participants are empowered to create recipes with real food.

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“Such a fun experience for our company! Chef Sue is very professional, personable and has great energy. I love that she cares not only about the food we eat, but also what happens to the food scraps, be it compost or making veggie broth! “

Mary Walters

Facilities Manager at Rubicon

Contact Chef Sue with questions about pricing, participant numbers or to schedule a class for your organization.

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