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COVID Industry Help

So many people in the food industry are working diligently to help feed those in the industry who are out of work, and that has spread to feeding the elderly, the homeless and those who are food insecure.
In the past two weeks I have helped to 
- connect people I know with people I don't know
- connect hungry people to those with food to give
- connect super giving companies with super appreciative people
This connecting keeps growing and happening because now those same people are contacting me to see how we can continue to work on this together.
I will collect some information about what you have to share and what you need. With that information I will create a spreadsheet and will share this information with you. This is the easiest and most efficient way I can think of to do this work.
On FRIDAY, APRIL 17th at 12pm est I will gather the info and share it back with you.
This is a way that I can
1. connect people (so I do not need to be directly in the middle)
2. help others to do this good work we are here to do in a more efficient and timely manner
3. help feed as many people as possible while reducing potential food waste
If you are interested in helping in any way, please click on the image and fill out your information.
If you are already doing this good work, THANK YOU.
Please share with anyone you know would like to help.
covid industry help screen shot.png
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