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All class are Live and via ZOOM with Chef Sue!  You will receive an emailed link

to download and print all of the handouts, activity sheets, recipes and ingredient requests.

The ingredients are usually ones that you will have at home, but purchasing

new foods to try and a few unusual ones is encouraged.


You will purchase the food ingredients ahead of class time and provide the safe work space in your home kitchen. The safety of your child is very important and I recommend that an adult is available to your student during the class. The adult should help with setting up the work space as the student needs, but once the class begins, the adult should remain hands off and is really just needs to be available for safety reasons only. 


The cost of ingredients may run from $2 to $10 each week, depending on what you already have available and how much food you would like your student to prepare. Your child may prepare a dish for the whole family to eat for lunch or dinner!


Your student will have their ingredients and supplies ready at the start of our class time. During our class we will not only talk about the food topic, but will integrate discussion about different ingredients, nutrition, math, science, art, composting, and so many other topics! 

General Format of the Class

12:45-1 Students set up their workspace and ingredients, Chef Sue is usually available for chit chat. 
1-1:10 Chef Sue introduces the lesson, talking about what ingredients everyone has, what are we making, history of a food, food trivia, etc.
1:10-1:20 Chef Sue will demonstrate a recipe, technique, explain a new gadget... may be a combination of live and recorded time 
1:20-1:45 Hands on creating the recipe in the comfort of your own kitchen. Chef Sue will observe and provide feedback and helpful tips to be safe, productive and how to have FUN with FOOD in the kitchen.
1:45-2:00 Everyone talks about what they created, struggles and challenges, what did we learn and what worked really well. 

2:00 Class ends.

2-2:15 Students clean their workspace and share their creations with others!

Chef Sue will walk everyone through the creation of the recipe, but know that often times students will want to spend more time after our 60 minute class continuing to create. Fun with Food requires everyone to clean their work space.


Fun with Food stresses the importance of  




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